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Career with us

Zilin properties is very particular about recruiting because we believe that real estate sales will appeal to someone who is looking for a challenging role and aspires to earn a good income based on results.  Experience in real estate is not essential but the desire to be successful is.

What will it take to get me started?


All new real estate salesperson will undergo a discipline training and guidance by a group manager. Targets will be set and need to be met in order to advance to the next stage of level.


In recruiting real estate salesperson, we only accept the quality, because to be successful we must differentiate ourselves from the competition. We therefore have to recruit the right caliber of people, people who understand what we are offering in terms of a long and successful career and, just as importantly, what our clients expect from them. If you think you are up to the challenge, just drop us a message on the “CONTACT’ menu.

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